Learning Platform Design for Young African Scholars

Client: Arizona State University/Master Card Foundation.

Problem: The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, which prepares next-generation leaders in Africa, needed a digital platform linking and encouraging lifelong learning among more than 15,000 scholars.

Solution: Arizona State University and the Master Card Foundation tapped Moonshot Global’s Africa experience and expertise in user-centered design and strategy to lead conceptualization and development of a prototype mobile and web-based platform to connect scholars, their host universities, and other partners. The resulting MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program’s Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP) is a curated virtual learning environment serving more than 15,000 current scholars and alumni. Moonshot Global’s contributions included:

  • Convening design-thinking-driven platform co-creation sessions with scholars, partners, and users in Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda to study how users connect, exchange information, learn, and take action
  • Synthesizing user needs and translating them into platform features and functionality through a requirements development process
  • Identifying and managing an IT contractor to create the LLP prototype, employing techniques such as gamification to incentivize platform uptake and ensure user engagement