Facilitating Access to Credit for the Bottom of the Pyramid

Client: Pivot Access/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Problem: About half of Rwanda’s population is “unbanked” and lacks the ability to gain access to credit to borrow money. An unbanked consumer relies on cash and barter and does not use a bank or similar financial institution.

Solution: With Rwandan IT partner Pivot Access, Moonshot Global wrote a successful Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations grant to create a mobile-based alternative credit scoring product that helps unbanked consumers build a transaction history and credit score and improve their potential access to credit. Moonshot Global’s contributions included:

  • Developing a concept note for a Grand Challenge Explorations grant
  • Co-writing a business plan and developing financial projections
  • Leading design of the consumer financial education and awareness-raising component
  • Co-creating the personas for and defining desired features of the mobile app with users at The Akilah Institute for Women, a higher education program for women in Rwanda, and Kepler, a nonproft university program based in Africa and designed for the developing world