Development of Partnership to Evaluate Digital Innovations in Education

Client: DAI/U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Problem: Information and communications technologies (ICTs) are considered a potentially powerful educational resource to improve educational quality. To justify and wisely invest money to advance ICT use in education in developing countries, more evidence is needed linking ICT-enabled approaches and better education outcomes.

Solution: Through DAI’s support contract to USAID’s Grand Challenges for Development, Moonshot Global developed a strategy to use a Global Development Alliance (GDA) to pool donor resources to evaluate whether and how digital innovations contribute to improved early literacy. The GDA model combines USAID’s expertise with the resources of corporations, foundations, the faith-based community, indigenous organizations, and other nontraditional partners to create partnerships to deepen development impact. Moonshot Global’s contributions included:

  • Developing the concept note for a GDA
  • Identifying a list of potential partners
  • Writing FAQs and marketing materials for potential partners