Co-creating and Operationalization of Knowledge Management Strategy in Rwanda

Client: DAI/Rwandan National Capacity Building Secretariat (NCBS).

Problem: The NCBS, a government institution mandated to develop capacity in the public and private sectors in Rwanda, needed an organizational knowledge management (KM) strategy to create, share, use, and manage its knowledge and information.

Solution: As a subcontractor to DAI, Moonshot Global worked with NCBS to co-created a sustainable KM strategy to guide the organization’s knowledge generation and sharing and thought leadership activities. Moonshot Global’s contributions included:

Applying an organizational KM competencies framework to conduct an assessment of KM’s current and desired future states

  • Identifying a KM core team from across NCBS to participate in KM strategy development
  • Carrying out a staff skills assessment
  • Structuring a series of “quick win” pilots to demonstrate results and corresponding on-the-job training activities for the KM core team to implement the pilots and develop KM skills in important competency areas
  • Training KM core team members as trainers of other NCBS staff in KM competency areas
  • Co-developing a strategy and recommendations going beyond technological tools including supporting processes, roles and responsibilities for people, and a governance structure
  • Linking the KM strategy to the monitoring and evaluation strategy and embedding activities into the overall organizational results framework
  • Validating the new KM strategy and KM system
  • Catalyzing and launching a Community of Practice