Learning Platform Design for Young African Scholars

Client: Arizona State University/Master Card Foundation. Problem: The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, which prepares next-generation leaders in Africa, needed a digital platform linking and encouraging lifelong learning among more than 15,000 scholars. Solution: Arizona State University and the Master Card Foundation tapped Moonshot Global’s Africa experience and expertise in user-centered design and strategy to lead… [Learn more]

Mobile-enabled Tax Payment in Rwanda

For the International Finance Corporation’s Investment Climate Advisory Services’s ICT Team, Moonshot Global assisted the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) in the design and development of m-Declaration, a USSD mobile application that facilitates calculating and paying turnover taxes for micro and small businesses. The application, which was launched in October 2013 led to 14,000 tax declarations in last quarter… [Learn more]

Guide to Mobile Data Collection

Moonshot Global Principal Courtney Roberts recently co-authored the International Finance Corporation Nuts and Bolts publication “Enabling Private Sector Feedback on Public Services through Mobile Devices Lessons from Recent International Experience.” Drawing from emerging best practices and open-source software tools for data collection, summarization, and visualization, the publication describes how mobile data collection tools can elicit information… [Learn more]

Photo courtesy of Jon McCormack for Worldreader

mEducation Alliance Business Plan

As subcontractor to JBS International, a Moonshot Global team developed the business plan for 2014–2016 for the Mobiles for Education Alliance, a 20-party public–private partnership that promotes and supports innovative approaches to incorporating mobiles into global education programs. We analyzed internal stakeholder values, interests, and strategic priorities to develop deeper channels of knowledge sharing and… [Learn more]

Increased Transparency on Business Inspections in Jordan

Moonshot Global Principal Courtney Roberts led the implementation of Tawasol, an Arabic-English mobile data collection system that enables business owners to provide feedback to the government of Jordan on the quality and effectiveness of government service provided by business inspectorates. The project was implemented for the International Finance Corporation’s Investment Climate Advisory Services, with the… [Learn more]

Social Accountability for Improved Education

Moonshot Global partnered with VOTO Mobile to work with the Ministry of Education in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to develop a mobile-enabled accountability platform. The World Bank-funded project, which began in January 2016 and is ongoing, customized the ‘Allo Ecole’ platform, which provides a two-way communications channel, utilizing short message service and interactive… [Learn more]